Stilettos in the Kitchen


This weekend I was told a story which, although I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, because holy shit is it ever obvious, is kind of blowing my mind.

A friend of a friend won a free consultation with Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear, and she was very excited, because she has a…

The Beginning

My name is Heather and this is my own little personnel blog for me.  I love cooking, baking, makeup and high heels. I’m going to combine all of those to create a little home for all my reviews on recipes, fun faces and beautiful shoes. Something fun just for me.  I don’t create. I recreate. I scour blogs, magazine and Pinterest for things  that I love.  I have 3 very active kids a full time job an amazing man and family that always keeps me on my toes.  I’m constantly on the run and get very little downtime so when I try something new I don’t want to be disappointed. I want to do it have it come out fabulously and be done with it.  If I don’t like it either it gets tossed out or thrown in the ReMix pile.  The ReMix pile means I’ll try it again with my own adjustments.  I’d like to say there will be a rhyme or reason to my posts but no I just don’t work that way.  This will be quite ecclectic and insanely fun for me.  If you don’t like it don’t read it. I’m doing this for me.